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Panel Solar SolarAir Eco 270W / Azul

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Installation is not included

The manufacturer’s warranty for panels is 30 years.

92% max output warranty 10 years
80% max output warranty 25 years

The technology of the new generation is laser soldering, not mechanical. Laser-soldering gives the panels a long life. We use high quality anodized aluminum frames for installation. 

The panels are made of special pyramidal glass, which works on the principle that 95% of the sun’s rays falling into the panel and circulate in the mini-pyramids inside of the glass before falling on to the element and starting to produce electricity. This ensures that the solar energy is not lost and the panels are extremely efficient.

Panels are manufactured in EU and therefore can be produced in special shape as round, oval, triangular, flexible and in different colors according to the house design. It is also possible to produce electricity installing on the facade or instead of roofing elements.

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Manufacturer wholesale package is 26 panels in box. Recommended minimum purchase quantity is 1 box.

Size, cm: 99×164
Power (W) 270 W
Minimum power tolerance +/- 3%
Amperage (A) 9.28 A

Voltage (V) 32.33 V
Short circuit (A) 9,70 A
Open-circuit current (V) 39.30 V
Weight 20 kg
Max. system voltage 1000 V
Max. serial protection 12 A


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