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The best heating system keeps the home warm at minimal cost. It is important to choose the best heating solution according to your preferences and, of course, also the financial possibilities. Our catalog offers a wide range of different heating solutions.

Do you need a complete heating system?

We have developed and installed complete solutions for commercial buildings, private homes, and house parts and apartments across the European Union.
Air-water heat pumps heat water. Both the water circulating in the heating system and the water supply. More powerful and more capable air-water type pumps can combine several different, yet based sources of heat.

For example, heating different floor heating systems on several floors and, in addition to building, heating domestic water is a simple task for one solid air-water type pump. The air-water heat pump is a good option if it is not possible to install a cooker or pellet boiler, for example, in the absence of a suitable fireproof room suitable for a suitable flue or pellet boiler. Sometimes one air heat pump will be left with one inside. This tends to happen in larger and multi-room buildings, when air can no longer move sufficiently freely between all rooms. With the movement of the air, the heat is not even more evenly distributed anywhere you need it.

In this case, the right choice is one of the most powerful air heat pumps with several internal parts. This way, the internal parts of the heat pump can be installed in different rooms, and thus distribute heat more evenly between the heat sources, if one source of heat allows it.

Air heat pumps collect the necessary heat from the outside air, which is 4-5 times more efficient than electric heating. Air heat pumps are both as additional as well as separate heating sources.

We offer "Cooper & Hunter" heat pumps, which are sure to be the most suitable for your premises. Air-to-air heat pumps and conditioners price  also includes user training and instructions of use. For heat pumps, we also offer several internal parts and one set of external parts.


HOTJET is a manufacturer of heat pumps. We are producing air to water, brine to water and water to water from 2 to 100 kW. Our innovations in technology and services have made us one of the market leaders in the industry.

The HOTJET heat pumps represent an environmentally friendly method of supplying heat to a family house. In addition to protecting the environment, they also save money because they offer the least expensive heating method available today. A heat pump is an automated heat source (as electric or gas boilers).

A heat pump does not require any fuel, it does not produce any emissions. It is absolutely safe (there is no risk of explosion, fire or poisoning). Its installation is fairly simple. There is no need to have a gas connection, to pay monthly fees or to carry out regular gas appliance inspections.

The heat pump has been designed for heating water in existing and new heating systems. Heated heating water can be used not only for heating, but also for heating process water. During the summer months, it can also be used for cooling.

The heat pump can be used for drying humid environments. When using air-water heat pumps for melting, the temperature of the heating water has to be at least 18 °C. The first 2 heating seasons in new or renovated structures can have of up to 50% higher heat consumption requirements, which have to be covered by a bivalent source.

Consumption during operation can be reduced by collecting heat from a “cold environment” and “transforming” it to a higher temperature. Energy collected in this manner is free. Operation expenses are related to the consumption of the compressor and other electric parts - regulation, circulation pumps, ventilator, etc... The ratio between the collected and consumed electric energy is variable. It is called the heating factor (COP) and its value is, depending on the given conditions, within the following range: 1.5-6(8).

During the heating mode, the energy is collected from the outside environment and transferred to the heating water. During the cooling mode, the system works in reverse, i.e. heat is collected from the heating water and discharged to the outside environment or recuperated and utilized at a location where heating is required at the given moment.


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